Meet Marvely Camacho, Committee Leader for UIC Service Leaders

Marvely headshot

Marvely Camacho is a sophomore who serves as one of the Committee Leaders for the Service Leaders Program. The Service Leaders Program is a leadership development program centered on service. She became involved with the Service Leaders Program because she “saw that the current political climate created a need for students to be informed and actively engaged in civic and political matters.”

Her leadership role in the Service Leaders Program enables her to provide resources to UIC students “that allow them to be the change they want to see.” She runs biweekly reflection and engagement sessions with student participants in the Service Leaders program, and supports students in figuring out how they want to be involved in bettering their communities. In addition, she assists students in building the skills they need to successfully contribute through the civic process.

Marvely is energized that she gets to utilize her passion for helping others and creating a safe and progressive environment, and the knowledge she has gained from her own past mentors, to engage fellow students in their own exploration of service and civic engagement. In her eyes, “Service is more than just helping others, it is providing others with the tools they need to positively impact themselves and our society.”