About Us

Student Leadership and Civic Engagement is committed to supporting students in their development as lifelong active citizens who have the skills and knowledge to build a more just and equitable world.

Our Mission

  • Provide student-centered co-curricular leadership and service programming that facilitates diverse and inclusive collaboration, self-awareness, and socially just community engagement.
  • Encourage personal and professional development, active citizenship, cultural humility, and transformational growth.

Our Vision

To engage every student on their journey from members of communities to active citizens and from exploring to transformed leaders.

Our Values

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Create a safe space in which we appreciate, honor, and highlight the value of diverse perspectives and experiences
  • Collaboration: Connect people and resources on-and off-campus in pursuit of a common cause.
  • Self-Awareness: Stimulate both knowledge and application of perspectives, strengths, and beliefs.
  • Social Justice: Encourage and pursue equity, fairness, and advocacy on both individual and institutional levels

Our Goals

  • Personal and Professional Development: Providing opportunities for individuals to develop competencies and capacities that can be applied in their daily lives.
  • Active Citizenship: Encouraging individuals to prioritize community in their choices, beliefs, and actions.
  • Transformational Growth: Engaging in meaningful experiences that encourage self-discovery.
  • Cultural Humility: Offering opportunities that encourage self-reflection, build the ability to adapt to differences, and increase cross-cultural understanding.

Program Highlights