Registering is the first step in exercising your right to vote. We are proud to partner with TurboVote, a non-partisan application that makes voting easy. Using TurboVote, students, faculty, and staff can register to vote and sign up for election reminders. TurboVote is one facet of UIC’s commitment to civic engagement. Help yourself by making your voice heard!

Are you registered? Check Here

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Visit to register to vote and/or sign up for election reminders. Whether you are a resident of Illinois or another state, TurboVote will take you through the appropriate process to register to vote and/or to get relevant election reminders based on your residency.

National Voter Registration Day

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Each September, thousands of groups and individuals across the country take part in National Voter Registration Day. This non-partisan event works to register voters, mobilize volunteers, educate individuals, and encourage civic participation. During UIC’s National Voter Registration Day event, Student Leadership and Civic Engagement helps register voters and provides information about upcoming elections.