UIC was recognized as the “most engaged” campus for student voter turnout. Read the article, and see the full report.

Make your voice heard by voting, and remember that being an active citizen doesn’t stop there. Advocate for causes you care about and stay up-to-date with the actions your elected officials are taking. Hearing from constituents like you makes a difference in how elected officials prioritize their work and is one way to keep your elected officials accountable.

Upcoming Races in Illinois

Make a plan for voting

  • Will you go before school? After work?
  • Are you taking the bus, walking, or driving? If you’re driving, where will you park?
  • If you’re voting by mail or voting absentee, when/where will you drop off or mail your ballot?
  • Do you need any documentation to vote?
  • Ask your friends/family if they have a plan. If you have the same polling place, maybe you can go to vote together.