IGNITE is a semester-long program for first-and second-year undergraduate students that explores the concepts of leadership and self-reflection. Meeting once a week with a cohort and mentor, participants engage in questions about who they are and what change they want to make. IGNITE students will gain insight into the values, communication, and leadership competencies necessary for positive involvement at UIC.


Meet Our Mentors

Marissa headshot

“I want to give back to students because I never had guidance when I began college. I believe my leadership role can be effective because I am helping the students I work with discover their own passions, goals and values.”

Marissa Scavelli  |  IGNITE Mentor 2018-2019
Kozet headshot

“Because I was an immigrant and struggled through college, I chose to help students in similar situations so they could have a better experience than I had.”

Kozet Marben  |  IGNITE Mentor 2018-2019
Michelle headshot

“While my passion lies in the fields of medicine and mathematics, I give back through this IGNITE leadership role by sharing what I’ve learned about building leadership skills, time management, project development, and other transferable skills.”

Michelle Ibukun Akinwale  |  IGNITE Mentor 2018-2019