Log Your Hours

Student Leadership and Civic Engagement defines community service for students as the process of engaging in volunteer activities without pay to help give back to their community. Students receive some benefit by learning more about how their service makes a difference in the lives of the service recipients and its impact in the community. (Furco, 1996). 

Please keep this definition in mind when logging your service hours, and reach out to SLCE at slce@uic.edu or 312-996-4500 if you are unsure if your volunteer experience can be logged as service hours.

Follow these steps to log your service hours:

  1. Log on to service.uic.edu using your netID and password.
  2. Click the "Add Hours" button located in the top menu bar.
  3. Enter “Hour Type”: click “yes” if you are entering hours from an opportunity listed on the site, and click “no” if you are adding hours from an outside opportunity.
  4. Add remaining information and click "Submit Hour Entry".

If you are logging hours for an ongoing opportunity, you are encouraged to submit your hours in monthly or semesterly batches, rather than in smaller increments. SLCE will be able to more easily verify and approve ongoing activities when they are submitted at the conclusion of the month or semester of service. You will simply select the most recent date as your service date and then provide details about your ongoing service in the additional information.

You may also choose to submit documentation with proof of your service, preferably for submissions of 10+ hours. This is not required, and SLCE will still review and verify all eligible submissions, but can aid in speeding up the approval process if possible.

SLCE may deny service hour submissions if we do not receive enough information about the service opportunity, including contact name and email, service organization, volunteer hours and/or regular schedule, and what type of service you were completing.

Students who log 100 or more hours between July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021 are eligible to receive the President's Volunteer Service Award and will be recognized in the Chancellor's Student Service and Leadership Awards Ceremony. Please note, you must submit your hours by March 20, 2021 to be recognized in the CSSLA Ceremony on April 15, 2021. Hours submitted after March 20 will still be applied toward the national President's Volunteer Service Award, but will not be able to be honored during the UIC ceremony.