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Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate

Student Leadership and Civic Engagement is home to the new UIC Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate. Beginning Fall 2020, students are able to pursue a co-curricular leadership certificate, resulting in a certificate of completion and commencement regalia upon successful completion of the program.

image of leadership model, with 'exploring' at top in a circle, then 'engaging' on right in a circle, then 'leading' at bottom in a circle, and 'sharing' on left in a circle. All circles surrounded by the words 'learn, reflect, apply, assess;' and center of model is word 'empowerment.'

The UIC Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate, built off the UIC Leadership Framework, has four phases: Exploring, Engaging, Leading, and Sharing. Within each phase students will learn new concepts, reflect on this new learning, apply it in meaningful and tangible ways, and ultimately assess the application of this newly learned information. There is not necessarily a sequential order in which a student must progress through the phases as each student will enter UIC at a different point in their leadership journey and with vastly different life experiences to draw upon. Additionally, in students may move from phase to phase depending upon the context of the situation. All phases are connected to the concept of empowerment.

For a student to satisfy the certificate requirements of each phase, they must complete two different programs within the category, document their participation using the UIC Connection Paths tool, author a reflection about the programs in which they participated, and complete the corresponding program assessments. Therefore, students will complete eight different programs with documentation, a reflection, and an assessment for each. Additionally, for full consideration, and to complete the certificate requirements, a student must present on the eight programs they have participated and what they have learned at UIC Impact Day.

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UIC Leadership Vision Statement

Students engaging in the intentionally diverse leadership experiences provided by the University of Illinois at Chicago will develop the behaviors necessary to effectively lead and advocate in their communities and professional field. This will be done through learning, reflecting, applying, and assessing.

Students will learn that leadership generates observable outcomes and skills that are applicable in practical and educational settings and will be empowered to create positive change. Students engaging in the various leadership experiences will be formally acknowledged for their student and community achievements and contributions.

UIC Leadership Framework

The UIC Leadership Framework is built on the foundation of the following principles:

  • Anyone can lead and/or be a leader
  • Leadership development is a lifelong process/experience
  • Leadership is not necessarily positional
  • Leadership functions with a means to an end, it brings positive change
  • Leadership is interdisciplinary

The UIC Leadership Framework focuses to empower students through developing a better understanding what they need to know, believe, be able to do, and engage in to effectively lead in college, in their careers and in society.

Certificate Phases and Programs Heading link

Participation in any of the below programs can be applied toward the UIC Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate.
  • Exploring

    In the Exploring Phase of the UIC Leadership Framework, students gain an initial understanding and knowledge of student leadership competencies.

    Current Exploring Phase Programs/Activities Include:

      • Ignite Leadership Experience
      • Involvement Fair/Leadership and Service Expo/Rec Fest (with completion of worksheet as documentation)
      • Leadership Book Club
      • BA 100
      • Campus Outreach Developmental Experience (CODE)
      • Project LEAD (Residence Housing experience)
  • Engaging

    In the Engaging Phase of the UIC Leadership Framework, students being to place a value on student leadership competencies.

    Current Engaging Phase Programs/Activities Include:

      • Ignite Leadership Experience Peer Mentor
      • LeaderShape Institute*
      • Service Leaders
      • Business Ambassadors
      • BA 200
      • Participation in the Business Leadership Retreat
      • New/General Student Organization Members (including Hall Associations)
      • New/General Student Employees
      • Sustainable Campus Seminar Course (HON 201)
  • Leading

    In the Leading Phase of the UIC Leadership Framework, students develop an internal motivation to engage in certain behaviors or the skills to perform certain student leadership competencies.

    Current Leading Phase Programs/Activities Include:

      • Forge Leadership Experience
      • FlashPoint Leadership Experience
      • BA 320
      • Business Cohort Captains
      • Returning/Veteran (Non-Executive) Student Organization Members (including students serving on Campus Committees)
      • Returning/Veteran (Non-Managerial) Student Employees
      • Sustainability Internship Seminar Course (US/PUBH 390)
  • Sharing

    In the Sharing Phase of the UIC Leadership Framework, students effectively engage in certain student leadership competencies when appropriate situations arise.

    Current Sharing Phase Programs/Activities Include:

      • Leadership UIC
      • SLCE Facilitator*
      • BA 420
      • Student Organization Officers/Executive Board Members
      • Managerial/Supervisor Student Employees, Student Employees with Specialty Positions
  • UIC Impact

    For full consideration, and to complete the certificate requirements, a student must present on the eight programs they have participated and what they have learned at UIC Impact Day.

    Students must invite a representative from Student Leadership and Civic Engagement to their UIC Impact presentation, as well as document their presentation using the UIC Connection Paths tool.

Students who have completed any of the above programs in prior semesters and would like to include them in their Leadership Certificate progress may do so, provided they can successfully follow the requirements for submission – including documentation of participation in said program.

If you have a program that you wish to include in the UIC Co-Curricular Leadership Certificate, please reach out to Student Leadership and Civic Engagement to learn more.

*Assessments still in development

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