An Emerging Leaders Program

Flashpoint supports students as they begin to kick their leadership skills into high gear. By reflecting on their positions within their respective groups and organizations, participants are challenged to identify the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed in order to create a thriving democracy. Throughout the program, students are given the opportunity to work on their collaboration, conflict management, and vision-setting skills as they relate to the work being done by their groups and organizations.

Learn about the Flashpoint Experience:

Who is Flashpoint for?

Flashpoint is for students looking to enhance their leadership skills in order to improve the work being done by their respective groups. If you are not a member and/or leader of a student organization, fraternity/sorority, or other group, you do not qualify to participate in the program. Please consider other programs in our Leadership Lineup.

I’m looking to participate in the Fall Semester, can I?

Unfortunately, Flashpoint is exclusive to UIC Business Scholars during the Fall Semester. If you are not a Business Scholar but are still looking to get involved, Flashpoint is offered as a one-day program – open to all students – during the Spring Semester.

What’s the time commitment for the program?

Flashpoint meets once a week, for 8 weeks during the Fall Semester. All weekly sessions last for two hours and require your attendance. During the Spring Semester, Flashpoint is offered as the Spring Leadership Conference – a one-time, eight hour program.

How is Flashpoint different than other leadership programs?

Flashpoint was framed with the Group Sphere of the Social Change Model of Leadership Development in mind. Meaning, students who participate in Flashpoint will learn to navigate the challenges of leading a group with many voices. Many times, conflict arises in groups and prevents them from achieving their intended goal. Through Flashpoint, participants learn to mediate these types of situations and how to implement a model of integrity for their groups.

How will my time be spent during Flashpoint?

Flashpoint is comprised of engaging activities and reflective conversations. By networking with other members and leaders of different organizations, students seek strategies from other groups and learn to apply those to their own.

Upon completion of the program, students feel a collective power to mobilize change within their groups. By exploring key strengths and weaknesses of their organizations, participants understand how these changes can better support social good and a thriving democracy.

The Spring Leadership Conference is a condensed version of our Flashpoint: Emerging Leaders Program curriculum. Typically taking place on a Saturday during the month of February, the Spring Leadership Conference offers students an accessible way to receive personal & professional development – without the long-term commitment.

More information regarding the 2020 Spring Leadership Conference will be made available in the near future. Check back for updates.

The Flashpoint: Emerging Leaders Program is no longer accepting applications at this time.

What are past participants saying?

Students Linking Arms

“The program really opens your mind on how you perceive your relationship with yourself and the people around you. It makes you more aware of your position in the community.”

Flashpoint Participant: Fall 2018
Student Listening to Presentation

“Flashpoint helps you develop a sense for how people think and react. It will show you how to peacefully interact with your counterparts.”

Flashpoint Participant: Fall 2018
Students Standing In Circle

“Flashpoint really digs deep and makes you think of topics you really wouldn’t have by yourself. It’s a safe environment to speak what you believe.”

Flashpoint Participant: Fall 2018
Student Sitting at Table

“If you are someone who doesn’t speak a lot, Flashpoint can help make you more comfortable speaking in a small setting.”

Flashpoint Participant: Fall 2018