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52nd Annual Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Awards (CSSLA)

Since 1973, the Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Awards (CSSLA) ceremony has recognized outstanding student leaders and student volunteers who, while maintaining high academic achievement, demonstrate a commitment to the UIC community through participation in student organizations and campus activities and throughout the greater Chicagoland area through active service and community engagement.


Nominations for both individual awards and student organization awards will be open from January 16-February 9, 2024.

Nominate a student for one of the awards below.  Students, faculty and staff can nominate a students.  Self nominations are also accepted.

Nominate a student organization for one of the Student Organization Awards.


Students may be nominated for the following awards, presented each year at the CSSLA program:

  • The Chancellor’s Student Service Award (CSSA)
  • The Eugertha Bates Memorial Award
  • The Jane Addams Distinguished Service Award
  • The International Student Ambassador Service Award (ISASA)
  • Student Organization Awards 
  • Induction into the Activities Honorary Society

This year’s ceremony was held on Thursday, April 18, 2024 in the Illinois Room from 5pm-6:30pm.

CSSLA 2024 Photos

Award Details Heading link

If you are considering nominating a student for an individual award (the Center for Student Involvement Annual Awards nominations are a separate submission process), please review the award details for more information.
  • The Chancellor’s Student Service Award (CSSA)

    The Chancellor’s Student Service Award (CSSA) honors students who have made an outstanding contribution to the University through campus and community service. Student nominees must contribute a significant amount of time, effort, and creativity to one or more campus and/or community service project(s).

  • The Eugertha Bates Memorial Award

    The Eugertha Bates Memorial Award is given in recognition of the student(s) whose volunteer activities, whether on campus and/or in a community setting, demonstrate an outstanding level of caring, dedication, and selfless commitment to others. Nominees must have exhibited an exceptional contribution to a humanitarian need.

  • The Jane Addams Distinguished Service Award

    The Jane Addams Distinguished Service Award is presented to the students whose volunteers activity substantially addresses a distinct need in the community along with inspiring others to engage in volunteer service. Individual recipients must be involved in the creation of a new project or service to address such a need, and must demonstrate the highest level of dedication and selfless commitment to volunteer service.

  • Induction into the Activities Honorary Society

    The Activities Honorary Society recognizes undergraduate students whose participation in a variety of student organizations on campus has contributed to a better UIC community. Eligibile nominees must be associated with at least three diverse student organizations, with a key role in at least one of the three. Nominees must also be in good academic standing (2.5+ GPA), with at least 72 credit hours completed by the end of this academic year. Describe in detail the student’s involvement in the student organizations listed, and how their experiences in them have made a positive impact to the UIC community.

  • The International Student Ambassador Service Award (ISASA)

    The International Student Ambassador Service Award (ISASA) honors international students who are attending UIC on an international student visa and have made an outstanding contribution to the University through campus and/or community service, particularly by contributing to greater knowledge and understanding across our diverse national cultures. Student nominees must have contributed a significant amount of time and effort to projects, activities or causes that advance intercultural and international understanding on the UIC campus and/or amongst the Chicago community.

Nomination Process Heading link

Thank you for your interest in submitting a nomination for the Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Awards Ceremony. Please review each award category above before submitting a nomination.

All students selected to be honored at the Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Awards Ceremony will receive the Chancellor’s Student Service Award (CSSA) recognition. The Eugertha Bates Memorial Award, Jane Addams Distinguished Service Award, and Activities Honorary Society Induction are given to the few most deserving students as chosen by a selection committee.

Minimum requirements for all awards:

  • Currently enrolled student at UIC
  • Overall minimum GPA of 2.5 as indicated in the student’s university academic record

Upon submission of a nomination, students will be prompted via email to respond with their contact information, a resume or list of their involvement(s), and to accept the nomination, to ensure accuracy and to complete the nomination process. They will not be considered for an award without completion of that additional step.

Nomination Acceptance Process Heading link

To accept their nominations, students will need to complete a brief biography form, listing their name, UIN, email, mailing address, and a few other demographic details. Nominations that are not accepted through this process will not proceed into the committee review process for possible awards.

Students will also have the option to submit supplemental items, should they choose to do so, about their involvement experiences. While not required to be considered for an award, these will aid the committee in understanding your involvement on and off campus. Students who are planning to submit these details should be prepared to include the following details for each involvement experience they plan to list – organization name, position, dates, responsibilities, and reference/contact person and their position, relationship to you, and email/phone.

The selection committee will review completed, eligible nominations and select final award recipients. Students will be notified by early April via email if they will be receiving an award as part of the the 2023 CSSLA ceremony.

Consider Nominating a Student Org! Heading link

Starting January 16, 2024, nominate/apply for the 2023 Student Organization Awards, which recognize the achievement of our student leaders and their service on and off campus. The application for the four awards closes Friday, February 9, 2024 at 11:59pm.

Outstanding Student Organization

Outstanding Student Organization Advisor

Outstanding NEW Student Organization (for groups in their first 2 years)

Commitment to Diversity Award (for program or initiatives to promote/support diversity)

Distinguished Service Organization Award

Student Org Awards 2024

Submit Hours for the President's Volunteer Service Award! Heading link

Students who log 100 or more hours between January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022 are eligible to receive the President’s Volunteer Service Award and will be recognized in the Chancellor’s Student Service and Leadership Awards ceremony.

Follow these steps to log your service hours:

    1. Log on to UIC Connection using your netID and password.
    2. Click the “My Activity” button located in the left menu bar, to see a drop down menu.
    3. Select “My Service Hours”
    4. Click “Add Service Hours” located near the top right of the screen
    5. Enter “Service Hour Type”: click “Experience” if you are entering hours from an external UIC opportunity, and click “Event” if you are adding hours completed at a service opportunity event already listed in UIC Connection.
    6. Select an Organization – If you selected “Event” in the previous question, it will populate with any event that you registered to via UIC Connections, you can select the event.  If you selected “Experience,” you can either select the student organization/department/Service Agency that hosted the experience (if an event was not posted on UIC Connection) or you can just type in the list of the Community Service Agency where you volunteered)
    7. Time Commitment – Enter in the hours you volunteered and the date volunteered (currently this is not set up for recurring service hours done so you will have to enter in manually or contact to enter in as bulk hours if it done at the same place)
    8. Attach Files – Upload any documentation confirming submissions for volunteer hours (screenshot of internal shift/hour system, email from supervisor, etc) AND what a description of the service you did. SLCE may still email contact person for verification.
    9. Reference – Enter in the contact name and contact email who can verify that you completed the service hours
    10. Tags – If you would like these hours to count as hours towards the Presidential Volunteer Service Award, please select this tag.  You can also select any other tags that you find applicable.
UIC Connection

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